Free Profile

The free profile option provides a short report which includes:
•    Descriptors on the four Communication Styles and four Communication Behaviours;   
•    Your lowest Communication Styles score; and 
•    Your highest Communication behaviours score.

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Individual Profile

Basic    The Basic Profile option provides:
A short report which includes:

  • Descriptors of the four Communication Styles and four Communication Behaviours;   

  • Your personal Communication Styles preference scores;

  • Your personal Communication Behaviours scores;

  • Business card displaying all the scores.

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Individual Profile Debrief

During the debriefing the 2interact coach will guide you through your individual scores and provide information on how it can be applied.

60min online session with a coach.



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Team Debrief

Once all individuals have done their individual profiles, a team profile will be collated and distributed.


This option provides you with a team profile as well as a 120 minute debriefing session with the team in which the team scores will be discussed.

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All Styles and Behaviours scores, training material and facilitation.

This training includes :​

  • Communication Overview

  • Communication Styles

  • Communication Behaviours

  • Profile Background and Research

  • Your detailed Profile

  • Listening

  • Trust

  • Making the above practical and real.

  • The duration is dependent on the requirements and could be anywhere between 4 and 16 hours. These sessions could be done online or in a physical classroom.

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