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"Communication is the

number one skills gap"

- Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

The 2interact intellectual property is owned by RECINATE.

About Us

  • RECINATE is the owner of the 2interact communication framework, technology and content.

  • We all want to be successful in whatever we do. Success builds success. 

  • Communication is the number one differentiator in sales, in teams at all levels: in companies; in procurement; in education; in negotiation and in most other work and personal related areas.

  • We are people with a passion for improving the performance of people.

  • The 2interact communication framework has been developed over the last 15 years.

  • We have had people from 91 countries that have used the 2interact framework.

  • The 2interact framework gives all the ability to implement their communication effectively.

  • We guarantee the success of our work. If you do not get value, you do not pay.

  • Top companies’ communication is superior to that of companies with mediocre performance.

  • Understanding that people differ in their communication and applying it  gives you the edge.

  • We want you make the 2interact framework part of your daily communication.

  • We focus on the critical and postpone the things that do not make a difference.

  • We work with you to build the best solution for your company.

  • We will assist to make the 2interact communication framework practical for you.


Do my profile

The 2interact Framework and Profile are specifically designed and tested to assist people and companies to improve on communication. We have had over 1 million people that have done their assessments to see what their preferences in communication are.



This profile, together with appropriate workshops or coaching, will change your communication greatly. This award-winning profile forms the basis of all workshops and interventions.




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