“The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now — at least — is to hone your communication skills.” … Warren Buffett

"Verbal acuity as the number 1 skill for sales people." ... Harvard Business Review

Communication is the most critical skill a person can have. It differentiates the top achievers.


Psychology of Sales

(Driven by Communication Intelligence)

2interact, with their framework and associated tools, is the first company I  encountered that really understands what differentiates the top performing people and companies. – Director Strategy and Innovation, Deloitte.

In a nutshell...

Why people use us

In business and life there are skills that will differentiate people. Communication has emerged as the most critical skill to accelerate the success of people. Our communication approach is unique as it was developed 100% from a communication perspective. This is what will differentiate you.

Who gets value

The top achievers know that communication is critical. People in all careers get value. Whether you are leading, selling, project managing, procuring, teaching or any other role where communication is critical, you will get value. You will accelerate your success and that of the people around you.

What we do

We developed a communication framework, associated assessments and associated training programs to develop communication skills in people. We empower our partners, customers and people to use the framework, assessments and training to unleash people potential.

How we do it

We work with our partners and customers to implement change in people by making the communication framework practical and real for people. It is not just a theoretical model. Training with associated reinforcement will ensure a successful rollout of the communication framework.


Our framework


The 2interact communication framework was developed specifically for defining what and how people communicate. 

The what in peoples' communication refers to one of the following styles of communication:

  • Analytical - Facts, detail and analysis

  • Methodical - Structured, compliance and rules

  • Connected - People, emotions and feelings

  • Visionary - Big picture, future and new ideas

We all have a preference in 1 or 2 of these styles so you might not resonate with someone when you communicate with them.


​The how in peoples' communication refers to one of the following behaviors of communication:

  • Competing - Your way, directing people

  • Avoiding - Not enough information or not a priority

  • Accommodating - Not your way, but theirs

  • Collaborating - Lets get to an agreement

​We also have a preference in 1 or 2 of these behaviors and we must make sure we apply the right behavior in a given situation.

The 2interact Communication Framework® and Profile are specifically designed and tested to assist people and companies to improve on communication. 

Some customers

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The partner model provides an opportunity for companies and others that would like to use the 2interact communication framework and profile system to improve their offerings to their customers. Our system provides the flexibility so that partners can be in full control of using the assessments, technology and the associated products.

The model provides the partner with earning revenue out of the usage of 2interact as well as revenue from their own offerings.

If you are a training provider or coaching provide, please contact us on info@2interact.com .


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